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Da befahl Pilatus, man sollte ihm ihn geben. O Abendstunde!

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Bass Mache dich, mein Herze, rein, Ich will Jesum selbst begraben. Es war aber allda Maria Magdalena und die andere Maria, die satzten sich gegen das Grab. Bass Ye have your watchmen; go ye forth and secure it as best ye can!

Evangelist So they went forth and made safe the tomb with watchmen and did seal in the stone. Alto O thou, most blessed body, See how I weep with grief and sorrow for thee, That thee my fall to such distress hath brought! Soprano Have all my life For thy great passion countless thanks, That thou my spirit's health such worth did pay. Ruht, ihr ausgesognen Glieder! We lay ourselves with weeping prostrate And cry to thee within the tomb: Rest thou gently, gently rest! Rest, O ye exhausted members!


This your tomb and this tombstone Shall for ev'ry anguished conscience Be a pillow of soft comfort And the spirit's place of rest. Most content, slumber here the eyes in rest. Give Now. Search Classical MPR. Member Supported Join Now. Playlist Schedule Events Bach's St. A recitative is a vocal passage that imitates spoken language, usually in free tempo. Often in passages of recitative, the emphasis is on the words rather than the musical content—which doesn't keep Bach from writing some very striking recitative passages. What is thy guilt, what were the evil doings Thou hast committed?

Sie sprachen aber: Evangelist There assembled themselves the high priests and the scribes together, and the elders of the people within the palace of the chief priest, whose name was Caiphas; and there took counsel, how with stealth they might capture Jesus and put him to death. They said however:. Not upon the feast, lest there be an uproar in the people. But when his disciples saw it, they became indignant and said:. Chorus I Wozu dienet dieser Unrat? What end serveth all this nonsense? For this ointment might indeed have been sold for much, and the sum to the poor been given.

Evangelist But when Jesus noticed this, said he unto them: Jesus Why trouble ye so this woman? Ich will ihn euch verraten. Evangelist Then there went one of the twelve, whose name was Judas Iscariot, forth unto the chief priests and said: Judas What would ye then give me? I would to you betray him. Aria Soprano Blute nur, du liebes Herz!

Soprano Bleed alway, O thou my heart! Ah, a child which thou hast nurtured, Which at thine own breast hath suckled, Bodes his keeper now to murder, For it hath become a serpent. What place wouldst thou have us prepare thee, the paschal lamb to eat now? Evangelist He said: Jesus Go ye forth to the town, to one there and say to him: The Master sends thee this message: Now my time is here, I would in thy house keep the Passover with my disciples.

And while they ate there, he said: Jesus Truly, I say to you: there is one of you who will betray me. Herr, bin ich's? Lord, is it I? Basically, a hymn tune of the Lutheran church.

based on the copy by J. S. Bach

In the early years of the Reformation in Germany, a new style of religious song was created. It drew on the Gregorian chant of the Catholic church, on folk song and popular melodies, and was shaped by the prevailing musical style of the day. These melodies came be known as chorales. Many of these chorales, like "A Mighty Fortress" and "Old Hundredth," are still sung as hymns in churches today.

Fuchs, du hast die Gans gestohlen - Kinderlieder zum Mitsingen - Sing Kinderlieder

The scourges and the fetters And all that thou hast suffered, All this deserveth now my soul. Evangelist Er sprach zu ihm: Jesus Du sagest's. Evangelist He said to him: Jesus Thou sayest. Evangelist But when they had eaten, did Jesus take bread, gave thanks and brake it, and gave it to his disciples, saying: Jesus Take, eat, this is my Body.

Evangelist And he took the cup and, giving thanks, he gave it to them, saying: Jesus Drink, all of you, from this; this is my Blood of the New Testament, which hath been poured out here for many in remission of their sins. Just as he in the world unto his people Could never offer malice, He loveth them until the finish.

Soprano I will thee my heart now offer, Merse thyself, my health, in it! I would merse myself within thee; If to thee the world's too small, Ah, then shalt thou me alone More than world and heaven be. Evangelist But after the song of praise had been recited, they went out to the Mount of Olives.

And there Jesus said to them: Jesus In this same night ye will all become annoyed for my sake. Matthew Passion. You may know it as "O sacred head, now wounded. From thee, source of all blessings, Have I been richly blest. Thy mouth hath oft refreshed me With milk and sweetest food, Thy Spirit hath endowed me With many heav'nly joys.


Evangelist Jesus said to him: Jesus Truly, I say to thee: in this same night, before the cock croweth, wilt thou three times have denied me. Evangelist And so declared all the other disciples. From thee will I go never, While thee thy heart doth break. When thy heart doth grow pallid Within death's final stroke, E'en then will I enfold thee Within my arms and lap. Evangelist Then came Jesus with them to a garden, known as Gethsemane, and said to his disciples: Jesus Sit ye down here, while I go over there and pray.

Then said Jesus unto them: Jesus Now my soul is sore distressed, even to death; tarry here and keep watch with me. Alto Was ist die Ursach aller solcher Plagen? Alto Ach! Alto What is the reason for all these great torments? Chorus I and II The judge conveys him to the court.

Alto Here is no hope, and helper none. Chorus I and II Alas, my sins, they have thee sorely stricken; Alto He suffers all of hell's own torture, He must for others' theft make payment. Evangelist He went on a little, fell down upon his face and, having prayed, he said: Jesus My Father, if possible, allow this cup to pass from me; but not as I will, rather as thou wilt.


Bass The Savior falls before his Father prostrate; Thereby he raiseth me and all men From our corruption Aloft again to God's dear mercy. He is prepared The cup, the bitterness of death, To drink now, In which the sins of this our world Have been infused, now loathsome reeking, Because God wills it so to be. For his mouth, Which with milk and honey floweth, Hath the earth, And all sorrow's bitter taste With the very first draught sweetened. The fact that that drama doesn't have to be either in real time or shown to you visually doesn't mean that there's not a drama, in the same way that a radio play is drama; it just happens inside your head.

It's imagined. I think that it is, dramatically, incredibly intense from beginning to end. Evangelist And he came to his disciples and found them sleeping and said unto them: Jesus Could ye then not watch with me even for one hour? Evangelist A second time he went off, prayed and said: Jesus My Father, if it cannot be that this cup pass from me, unless I have drunk it, then let thy will be done.

He frees from want, this righteous God, And punisheth with measure: Who trusts in God, on him relies, Him will he not abandon. Recitative Evangelist Und er kam und fand sie aber schlafend, und ihre Augen waren voll Schlafs. Jesus aber sprach zu ihm: Jesus Mein Freund, warum bist du kommen?

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Evangelist And he came and found them once more sleeping, and now their eyes were heavy with sleep. And he left them and went off once again a third time and said again the very same words. Then came he to his disciples and said unto them: Jesus Ah, would ye now sleep and rest?

Evangelist And gave him a kiss. Jesus, though, said to him: Jesus My friend, wherefore art thou come here? Soprano and Alto Thus hath my Jesus now been taken. Chorus II Free him, hold off, bind him not! Soprano and Alto They lead him off, he is in fetters. Hath lightning, hath thunder in clouds fully vanished? Lay open thy fire's raging chasm, O hell, then, Now ruin, demolish, devour, now shatter With suddenmost wrath The lying betrayer, that murderous blood!

This has been likened to a halo in sound.