Stop Being a Loser - Stop Smoking - The End-All Guide to Quit Smoking

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Toggle navigation. Mood Changes Mood changes are common after quitting smoking. There are other things you can try to lift your mood: Exercise. Being physically active can help. Start small and build up over time. But your efforts will pay off. Structure your day. Make a plan to stay busy. Get out of the house if you can.

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Be with other people. Many people who are depressed are cut off from other people. Being in touch or talking with others every day can help your mood. Reward yourself. Do things you enjoy. Even small things add up and help you feel better. Quit Notes.

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Talk and do things with other people, even if you don't feel like it, to boost your mood. More for you. Why Quitting Is Hard. Knowing why quitting is so difficult can help you be prepared to face the challenges of quitting.

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Understanding Depression. Depression is more than just feeling the blues. Find out how to recognize depression and learn when to seek help. Quiz: Depression. Eating , apparently, had become less important to me than smoking. I mean, not at first! At first, it was great! I just had to want it!

How to stop being lazy: 6 important behaviors

Which I did! Yes, it was super-easy, as long as I was still putting tons of nicotine—the active, addictive chemical in cigarettes—into my system. When I cut my nicotine replacement therapy in half, I promptly lost my entire mind. I was a loser. I was a failure.

The Overthinker’s Guide To Smoking Weed | Thought Catalog

I was mean. I was stupid. I was a terrible writer. Everyone hated me. I hated myself. I should quit writing. I should go back to bed and stay there forever. I was going to die. Probably I already had cancer. Probably I was already dying. So what was the point of quitting?


All of this could go away. All I needed was a cigarette. When the substance goes away, the emotions come out. I knew this. I mean, I know.

This sounds like magic Oprah talk. I was also just experiencing physical withdrawal symptoms, which include anxiety; anyone who starts smoking eventually has to face the choice between letting the cigarettes kill them or feeling like this. Heroin withdrawal is agonizing. Alcohol withdrawal if the addiction is severe enough can cause fatal seizures. And you should still quit, because by the time you have to care about withdrawal, the addiction is probably going to kill you anyway.

Many compulsive, self-destructive behaviors really are just bad coping strategies. It relies on your willingness to use something external to compensate for something inside yourself. I was a shy person who had chosen to make a living by sharing controversial opinions. And what was more tough than smoking? Well, I will tell you. All of this sounds grim. And I will be honest with you: I relapsed, more than once. If I went out, I would sometimes bum a cigarette before I even realized what I was doing. When I was scared, especially in social situations, it was almost impossible not to buy a pack—which, since I was constantly scared in social situations, was a problem.

I knew that it would probably be stupid to try talking, but not trying felt cowardly. Many people try to quit more than once. Many people fail. But I have hope.

Stop Smoking : Stop Smoking Cravings

People might still dislike me, and I was still scared of them. I was just scared while smoking.