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This is the kind of haunt when you have a tangible and conscious spirit living in your bedroom closet. Intelligent haunts can move things around your house and even join you for a cocktail. According to Len and Ginger, if you encounter one, you could hear, record, and even photograph it. When I started telling people what I was writing about for this post, I was surprised to find out that many of my close friends are steadfast believers. A few even insisted they had experienced encounters of their own. I may be a non-believer, but maybe this explains why I found my car keys in the freezer last week.

Despite my hope someone would snap, Mr. Adams did his best to allay any fears.

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He insisted that no harm would come to anyone, and he delivered one of his best lines when informing us the tour even had a safe word:. The tour lasted a full three hours that night. As it progressed, Mr. Adams wound us around the dark corners of Alton, offering unnerving tales and enlightening history at every turn. Len Adams is a ghost expert, but the man knows his Alton history from top to bottom. Lovejoy and Sunflower Island.

Other topics I was less familiar with, such as the disturbing tale of Hop Hollow Road. This path, a former road between a Civil War prison and the Alton Cemetery, is where Union prison guards unceremoniously dumped the bodies of Confederate soldiers in the woods. Displeased with their improper mode of burial, many claim the ghosts of these men now wander the woods around Hop Hollow Road. A special aspect of this tour is that it will take you inside a few of the stops. Even if you are the most stoic of non-believers, try sitting inside a darkened church and hearing the story of a priest found hanging from the ceiling above you.

Other creepy locations include tales of a ghost that smells of lavender and a night watchman who disappeared without a trace. I enjoyed the entire tour, but it was the first stop that really hooked me. Originally known as the Nathaniel Hanson Mansion, the original structure dates to Nathaniel Hanson was an ardent abolitionist. With Alton situated across the river from slaveholding Missouri, the town was an active stop on the Underground Railroad in the years prior to the Civil War.

Hanson built his home precisely to accommodate that cause. Built on a high bluff that overlooks the Mississippi River, the cupola atop it was visible from afar. Nighttime lanterns inside the cupola reportedly alerted slave runners across the river if the coast was clear or if threats prevented crossing.

Additionally, Hanson had tunnels carved into the limestone beneath the house, allowing fleeing slaves a safe place to hide when arriving in Illinois. It was a dark and stormy night That isn't an unusual sight in downtown Alton.

The Most Haunted Town in America! Alton, Illinois

Get a glimpse of the shades, shadows and souls that reportedly walk the historic streets and haunted the ancestral buildings of the region. Experience Haunted Alton for yourself! Is that a ghost walking past the group of people waiting for the seance to begin? Picture was taken by Patrice Raplee. Through the years, many travelers have investigated and inquired about the unexplained happenings and psychic phenomena found throughout Alton.

Mark Twain once referred to Alton, IL as a "dismal little river town," but little did he know what more Alton was. This small river town has now been named one of the most haunted small towns in America.

Haunted Alton

Could this be because of the history of death, disease, violence, the Civil War, the Underground Railroad? Or has Alton simply been deemed one of the most haunted towns because of the ghosts and hauntings that occur regularly? That's for you to decide on one of our Haunted Tours.

Built in , the notorious McPike Mansion has been featured on several television shows and investigated by numerous paranormal investigators who have found the haunting of the McPike Mansion to be authentic. The house has not been occupied since the s. Before weather and vandals brought extensive damage to the structure, it was a regal addition to the Illinois town of Alton.

McPike Mansion today is owned by Sharyn and George Luedke who have been trying to nurture this great house back to its regal state. When they purchased the house, they had no idea that it was haunted. Now, people see orbs, balls of light, even figures of people in the background of pictures taken at the mansion. Some claim the haunts date back to the property before the mansion was even built with detections of Native American ghosts and a residue from a possible Underground Railroad stop.

Other mysterious stories include servants of the building, a cook in the kitchen and the strange death of a woman in the bathtub. Some even believe that Eleanor and Henry McPike still roam the corridors of their former home.


The Cellar has been a focal point of many energies felt in the mansion. This Grand Ole House is thought to still house many of the spirits that once lived here. First Unitarian Church. The First Unitarian Church was built in and called St. Matthew's Catholic Church. The Unitarian Society purchased the land and rebuilt a church for themselves.

Another fire occurred in , burning the church down to its foundation yet again. But my writing extends beyond that scope, with high-level publications that include local newspapers such as the Chicago Tribune. I continue to free-lance for many organizations such as Hope's Front Door. It has been a lifetime for me as a writer and I never tire of new challenges as well as rejections. Through many decades of one word after another, I just never give up.

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