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It is time to Retire the Term “Bible-Thumper”

With seven prime new wide releases scheduled between now and Dec. Moore makes Trump look good — not because his crazies are more dangerous, but because they are sillier.

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  • Bible thumpers nowadays are the worst. What is that all about? They used to seem so harmless. But look at them now! Evangelical movements have been around since colonial times. Their fortunes have waxed and waned; and all sort of considerations — theological, geographic, sociological, economic, and so on — have been invoked to account for them.

    It is time to Retire the Term “Bible-Thumper” | George Yancey

    There is plenty of merit in all these approaches; and there is nothing new that I could add. I do have something to say, however — not about the evangelical movement in general or the character of the evangelical mind, but about why the politics so many evangelicals nowadays gravitate towards is so dreadful. The reasons have to do with the irrationality and hypocrisy that is endemic in the evangelical community, and with the effects of the Trump presidency on the ambient political culture generally, and on evangelicals especially.

    Rationality is a normative standard, an account of what ought to be, that applies both to actions and beliefs. On the action side, evangelicals do all right; they are generally able to negotiate their ways through the world as well as anyone. But their beliefs, especially the ones that have no immediate practical consequences, are as irrational as can be.

    By Jeremy James

    For one, rationality requires beliefs to be logically demonstrable or supported by compelling empirical evidence. By that standard, evangelicals hold many beliefs that fail to pass muster.

    Bible Thumpers

    This is why they are easy prey for village atheists. Consistency is an even more fundamental normative standard. Unlike the former standard, it applies not to beliefs themselves, but to their relation to other beliefs. Yet Galileo is OK with them and Darwin is not. Galilean cosmology is even more deflationary.

    Angry Grandpa HATES Bible Thumpers...

    As its core ideas took hold, it turned out that, from its purview, we — along with our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, and perhaps even our universe — are unimaginably small and insignificant in the cosmic scheme of things. Theologians have ways of getting around inconvenient Bible stories. From a psychological point of view, however, one can only wonder how a Being as great as the one theists believe in could possibly take an interest in beings as insignificant as we plainly are.

    No one identifies with old time Aristotelian cosmology in a similar way.

    Galileo threatened Church doctrine, but only the Doctors of the Church and the higher clergy had any personal investment in theology. What Galileo and those who came after him threatened was ideas, not identities. And even that threat dissipated centuries ago.

    Check out Mushroomhead’s ‘Sun Doesn’t Rise’:

    Inconsistency and hypocrisy are not quite the same. A hypocrite is someone who says one thing and then does the opposite. Hypocrites have been drawn to theistic religions with restrictive sexual codes from time immemorial. Roy Moore is just the latest in a long line.