The Welsh Healer: A Novel of 15th Century England

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Public Domain Insert: Detail of part of the Canterbury Roll, a medieval scroll detailing the genealogy of the two houses in the Wars of the Roses. She is a Canadian who resides in Ecuador. Traveling throughout Bolivia and Peru, as well as all-over Ecuador, Alicia has increased her knowledge of Pre-Colombian sites as well as Read More. Ancient Origins has been quoted by:.

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By bringing together top experts and authors, this archaeology website explores lost civilizations, examines sacred writings, tours ancient places, investigates ancient discoveries and questions mysterious happenings. Our open community is dedicated to digging into the origins of our species on planet earth, and question wherever the discoveries might take us. We seek to retell the story of our beginnings. Skip to main content. The University of Canterbury Live Science reports that the online version of the medieval scroll has been made available thanks to the work of a team of researchers and students at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

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Related Articles on Ancient-Origins. Metal detectorists have made many amazing discoveries down the years in Britain , with a great hoard of 2, coins revealed just a couple of months ago. But there are strict rules regarding The region and state of Bengal in India is situated in the East of the country and is primarily known for its rich culture, literature, history, and heritage. This region has also been quintessential In , an amateur treasure hunter with a metal detector turned up a medieval gold ring that was set with a sapphire stone in Sherwood Forest—haunt of the legendary or real Robin Hood.

A Welsh house has been transformed into Medieval-style home equipped with a drawbridge over a mini moat. The detached property in the county town Ruthin in Denbighshire, north Wales, which has become A fire has engulfed an historic castle in Japan. The blaze badly damaged Shuri Castle on the southern island of Okinawa and destroyed much of the complex.

A long-lost medieval masterpiece by one of the fathers of Renaissance painting discovered this year has been sold at auction for an astounding sum, way exceeding the auctioneers estimate.

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The work Top New Stories. The Book of the Dead is not a book per se , but rather, a corpus of ancient Egyptian funerary texts from the New Kingdom. Titelberg, Home of the Influential Treveri Celts. Hell on Earth? The myth of the underworld, much like the myth of the lost paradise and the worldwide deluge, is a universal one.

Cultures from all across the world, past and present, widely separated and with seemingly no historical contact, believed in this mysterious realm that the spirits of the deceased went to after death. What is hell? Human Origins. Have King Solomon's Mines really been discovered?

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Yes, indeed. Even with the TV going and battle raging in the other room I know you can identify with this!

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Until just a few years ago, I was a full-time mom. I had no time to myself and never dreamed of writing a book. Then when my youngest boy stopped playing year-round sports and I was no longer shuttling him off to practice, games, team meetings, and fundraisers, I found myself with a lot more time on my hands.

My husband only monopolizes my attention part of the time now. It works out well. He has been wonderfully supportive and turned out to be the biggest surprise in all of this. I am very fortunate in that regard. But I have to say, I cannot even begin to imagine how you do all that you do. Work, kids, husband, books, and a website … it makes me tired just thinking about it. You are truly the astonishing one.

Wonder Woman! How was the writing process as compared with your first novel?

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How much research went into each? Well, the research for The Welsh Healer was very broken up. I gathered most of the information on the folklore before the inspiration for El Rey struck.

The Welsh Healer: A Novel of 15th Century England by Ginger Myrick

And although the basic story remained the same, some of the aspects changed when I decided to use you for my muse. Fortunately, I am a lifetime fan of royal English bloodlines and have read enough about them to be fairly familiar. It gave me a starting point and made for much less digging. When I am writing, I develop a sort of flow for my research.

I know other writers who have four books going at once, and I cannot imagine the chaos in their heads! The writing process was much quicker this time.

‘Real Game of Thrones’ Story Is Told In This Interactive 15th Century Scroll

I basically just pounded it out then went back through once for proofreading and structure and a second time for flow. I know I should have let it sit longer before the final read, but I wanted to see how fast I could do it. With El Rey I agonized over every section, trying to get it perfect before moving on to the next. It was a lot of wasted time, because until you read your book from cover to cover, you really have no idea what is going to make the cut.

Why spend time perfecting something that will wind up in the trash? Do you think your characters will always be on the fringes of history, or do you plan to use a real historical figure as a main character some day? As of now, I have four ideas that need to get out of my head before I think about something completely new. I also have ideas for sequels if any of the books really take off.

It all starts with just a glimmering …. As always, thank you, Arleigh, for your time and unwavering support. I feel privileged to consider you my friend.

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And thank you, readers. I have difficulty understanding why anyone would find me interesting, but I am grateful for your attention, and my fondest hope is that you will enjoy my stories. Arlais is the gentle and free-spirited daughter of a humble Welsh household.